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General T&Cs Apply

One Day Free Trial for STC Users than 0.5 BHD / week
One Day Free Trial for Zain Users than 0.7 BHD / week
Batelco users 0.7 BHD / week (subject 10% VAT)

BrainQ is a brain training service where you can play solo or compete against other players to get on the top of the leaderboard by getting the highest gem score after finishing the daily challenges as: Standard Quiz, Single Question Teaser, Streak Challenge, Quick Fire and more than 50 unique Skill Challenges games.
To unsubscribe Batelco users should send UNSUB BQ to 94302.
To unsubscribe STC users should send UNSUB BQ to 98054
To unsubscribe Zain users should send UNSUB BQ to 94005.
The BrainQ service will be automatically renewed.